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Unlock Your Business podcast

Aug 31, 2020

Episode 3 – Financial Planning Advice Buyer Beware
Ep 3 is a discussion of some main points a Financial Planning Adviser Buyer needs to look out for to ensure they are dealing with one of the majority of ethical and professional financial planners in the marketplace and not the bad-apple minority that we only hear about in the news. These un-ethical and un-professional minority are dragging the industry down with them, and I feel it is important to provide an outline of the ways in which these people can be weeded out before they cause more destructions of people's livelihoods and the integrity of our industry as a whole. 
Although this podcast is designed specifically to talk Financial Planning & Business Management for business owners and operators, this episode would be of great benefit for all people who are thinking of engaging a Financial Planning professional. So please share!  
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